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‘New opportunities will call for more talents’

Clinical Head, ResMed Academy, ResMed India Dr Bhaskar Azad says, New career opportunities will call for more talents.

He was addressing a seminar. He said that in the current world, which has grown to become highly competitive, the next generationis better placed with new career opportunities becoming available to them every day opening a wide range of avenues for success.

Dr Bhaskar Azad, Clinical Head, ResMed Academy, ResMed India told that amongst many, there are a few interesting openings that have risen for students like a video game consultant and creative writing for social media.

Similarly, there is another unique and lucrative opportunity available for the first time in India that may seem highly interesting to students graduating from science or B pharma fields, i.e. to become a Sleep Coach. The profile is highly interesting and presents a completely fresh set of learning’s that will help an individual establish a long-term career.

A Sleep Coach has so far been one of the most unexplored career opportunities in India. Recently introduced, the responsibilities involve addressing and resolving problems faced by patients suffering from sleeping disorders.

A Sleep Coach works dedicatedly to monitor the sleeping pattern of patients remotely using an innovative cloud based technology. A sleep coach is trained and equipped with various cloud-based tools to connect with patients in order to consult and counsel patients on sleep hygiene, the do’s and don’ts associated with sleeping and how to manage Sleep Apnea using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy.

This opportunity is well placed for fresher’s who are looking for a new proposition to accelerate their careers into a unique trajectory of growth and gaining international clinical exposure with good remuneration to kick-start their career. Initially, the Sleep coach will be trained by clinical and sleep experts basis which the coach can continue their journey of growth in becoming a recognized sleep expert or therapy expert in the domain, he added.

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